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Callie Pauc joined Family Promise of Waukesha County in August 2021. She has served as our Prevention Case Manager since then helping us develop and grow this program designed to help families avoid the chaos of homelessness.

As she leaves for a new challenge she answered 5 questions about her time at Family Promise.

Rear (L-R): Mattie Martinez, Callie Pauc, Maria Mundt, Courtney Rutkowski

Front (L-R): Kaylee Chojnacki, Kelly Hawkins. Not pictured: Lisa LaBorde and Tim Culhane

1. What is next for you?

Starting next month, I will be moving into my new profession as a clinical mental health therapist. I have been welcomed by a small private practice in Oconomowoc that has a strong focus on trauma healing. It has taken years of hard work to get to this point, so I am extremely excited to move forward with my career and to see where it takes me both professionally and personally. Additionally, I am overjoyed to finally begin saving and working towards homeownership!

2. What about your work at FP makes you most proud or what do you feel you accomplished?

Being part of a team that never loses sight of our mission has been incredible. I have always felt a sense of pride working with such a strong, professional, and devoted team of amazing people. Through highs and lows, you never feel alone at Family Promise. Not only do we do great work for our clients, but internally we do great work with each other. I have never worked for such a healthy, well-functioning organization that not only acts as a well-oiled machine but offers support from people that genuinely care about you as a person. We do great work here, both inside and out. I have felt a sense of accomplishment in collaborative skills and program development.

3. How have you seen FP grow over the past 2 years?

When I first started at Family Promise, it was a very small operation, and there was a lot of work to do. I was the only social worker and on my own with both of our programs, and it was quite the balancing act! This agency has been growing ever since; with Joe’s continuous growth mindset, and our agency’s ability to take risks and learn from both success and setbacks, we are always moving forward. I have witnessed amazing growth in all our programs and within my colleagues. Family Promise has a knack for bringing on incredible people with invaluable skills and compassionate hearts. This organization has made immense gains internally, as well as remarkable contributions to our community, and it couldn’t be done without rock solid leadership and the outstanding collaboration of our team. I know Family Promise will continue to grow to meet the ever-present needs of Waukesha’s families, and there will always be amazing people here to carry our mission.

4. What has been challenging?

Challenges at Family Promise typically consist of feeling overwhelmed by the community’s need for help. There are simply not enough resources to combat the plight of Waukesha’s struggling families. It can be heartbreaking to hear the stories of families that sleep in their cars, or single parents that have lost their home due to illness. It never gets easier; however, having the support of our staff acts as a buffer, and we all support each other as much as possible.

5. What will you miss?

I will miss my colleagues and the healthy atmosphere. We have built strong relationships and have endured many things together. I will miss the people I have grown to trust and care for and who I can lean on in hard times and celebrate with in success. I will also miss witnessing the successes of my clients. It is inspirational to watch clients set and achieve goals, make great gains in their lives, and to find sustainability. Hearing their stories and witnessing their hard work is always a rewarding experience.

Thank you for your service!

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