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Updated: Jan 18, 2023

This blog provides the top 5 highlights or updates about Family Promise of Waukesha County for Friday, January 13, 2023.

The Friday Five is a weekly blog post/update that focuses on the top five occurrences, issues, opportunities facing Family Promise each week. It is our hope that it will help you stay informed and connected to the mission of Family Promise of Waukesha County.


Our mission is to help low-income families and families experiencing homelessness achieve sustainable independence

through a community-based response.


The stories you can read this week are:

My response to Family Promise of Waukesha County trying to expand shelter capacity and add a new transitional housing program is ...

Volunteers helped move and set up furniture for our new apartment shelter for four single women.




Here are five important experiences for Family Promise of Waukesha County in 2022.

5. Golf Outing

2022 was the first year we organized the Golf Outing on our own. This somewhat scary proposition became an awesome event. Thank you especially to Patti Ewald who chaired the event and Green Bay Packaging for being the presenting sponsor.

4. New Staff

As our programs grew we needed additional help. We added Ziera Wilkes as Program Coordinator in February. Although she moved on in July, Maria Mundt who took on the role in June, has been amazing and a go-getter!

We added our third Case Manager in November. Kelly’s compassion is a blessing. These individuals nicely compliment Callie, Lisa, and Courtney who are excellent teammates!

3. Record Number of Families Served

This is a bittersweet reality. We are proud that we have been able to increase our capacity to help families, mainly through the Prevention program, but it is a tragedy that we have to do so. It is also a tragedy that we were unable to help many more. Click on the images below to zoom in on stats for both our Shelter and Prevention programs.

Prevention/ Shelter Stats Year to Date


Prevention/Shelter Stats December


Stats from the annual census we submit to Family Promise National

2. A Family Assumed The Lease

When we began the Apartment Shelter Program our intention was that there would be families who could assume the lease after their 90 day stay. Unfortunately, this never materialized until November 2022 -- two years after the program began.

1. Housing Crisis

We received 800 plus calls for shelter that we had to refer elsewhere. It was mentioned at a recent meeting that Waukesha is short 2,000 units for low-income families. There is not an end in sight.



5. Improve our Data Collection

We want to share with you how many families we serve and how many find permanent housing.

4. Increase Funding

The plans we have to expand shelter capacity and add transitional housing will increase our budget significantly. We need to identify additional sources of support.

3. Engage Volunteers

Volunteers have been the core of Family Promise. It has been more difficult connecting them using the apartment shelter model. We have some creative ideas to change that.

2. Advocate for Affordable/Workforce Housing

Until our community makes a commitment to providing affordable housing, homelessness is an issue that will grow. We need people to understand the negative impact that homelessness has on all of us.

1. Expand Programming

We are working through plans to increase our shelter capacity and provide transitional housing. We have experienced some dead ends over the past few years in attempting to expand shelter capacity so more information will be provided when more is in place. Transitional housing is essential because it extends the amount of time a family can create a foundation for themselves.

Ann Oliva, the Executive Director of the National Alliance to End Homelessness stated that “This might be the toughest environment we have had from a housing perspective and a political perspective.” These goals reflect our desire to respond in a compassionate, effective and life changing way to the needs of families who are economically vulnerable.



My response to Family Promise of Waukesha County trying to expand shelter capacity and add a new transitional housing program is:

  • Yay! Go for it! This is needed. I want to know more.

  • I am ready to volunteer and support it financially.

  • Oh, no this means you are going to ask for MORE money!!

  • It's really sad this is needed-can we ever end homelessness?



After six years of serving on the board of trustees, two of which he served as the chair of the board, the term of office for Joe DeKlotz ended in January. Joe is a dedicated and committed advocate for Family Promise. He has been a part of many transitions in the life of our organization. We are grateful to Joe.

This interview between the two Joes (Joe D and Joe N) is an opportunity for Joe D to share what he has experienced, how he has seen the organization grow, and what he envisions for its future,

We also elected new officers for the Board of Trustees. For 2023 our officers are:

I enjoy being a part of the board of trustees as we create strategies to grow Family Promise in order to help more individuals and families that are going through a rough time get back to independence. The success stories make it all worth our efforts. - Lynn Marsh, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Thank you to these officers and the entire board of trustees

for their commitment to families experiencing homelessness.



On Sunday January 7, the show Matter of Fact shared an interview with Ann Oliva, the Executive Director of the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

Ann talks about the housing crisis across the country and states that the lack of affordable housing is the root cause of homelessness. She also suggests that the most effective approach to ending homelessness is treating people with dignity and respect. It is an interesting interview and Ann has a very broad perspective of the problem.



Our end of the year campaign was an amazing success. We are grateful to everyone who participated. Your support not only allowed us to expand the numbers we served in 2022 but it has positioned us to take some bold steps in 2023.



Congratulations to Maria Mundt who was accepted into a Masters Program for Public Health at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee! She will begin the program in Fall and do so while working at Family Promise.


Meals are still needed for those who are staying in the Waukesha Winter Overflow Emergency Shelter.

We are working on organizing our donations and storage. Join us for a storage refresh day on Saturday January 21 from 10am- 1pm. Use the sign-up genius to get involved.


Would your group be interested in learning more about Family Promise or homelessness in Waukesha County? Joe Nettesheim is available to discuss both with your group. Email:




A pastor, prophet, orator, hero, a man of peaceful civil disobedience, civil and human rights leader, and seeker of justice. We celebrate his life and follow his example and advocate for equality, justice and peace.



January 16 Martin Luther King Day

January 16 Presentation to the Oconomowoc Rotary Club

January 16 Board of Trustees Meeting

January 24 Volunteer Coordinator Meeting



You can also join our Facebook volunteer group to learn about volunteer opportunities.


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