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High Number of Families Need Housing

The need for prevention services and shelter continued in July 2022.

Apartment Shelter Program

The Apartment Shelter was at capacity through the month of July. At the end of July two families moved out. One was able to move into their own home. Both apartments have been filled in early August. In July we received 68 requests for shelter. This is is down from the 90 we received in June but we continue to consistently receive calls indicating that the housing crisis continues.

For the month of July the shelter program served:

  • 4 households

  • 13 individuals

  • 2 children 5 and under

  • 3 children 6 and over.

In 2022 we have served

  • 12 households

  • 9 families

  • 3 single women

  • 37 individuals

  • 13 5 and under

  • 8 6 and over

Family Homelessness Prevention Program

In 2022 the unique number of households to whom we have provided prevention assistance is 42. These 42 households have received support 59 times. What this means is that some of the 42 households received assistance in more than one category (rent, mortgage, utility or car repair) or they have received rent assistance for more than one month. In these 42 households there are 88 children and 57 adults.

In July 2022 we provided prevention services to six households which included 8 adults and 15 children.

Details are below:

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