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Helping families go from homelessness to housed without entering the shelter system. 


Please note: This program is still in the early planning phases. We are currently not accepting clients.  We hope to be ready to be begin this summer! Please continue to check this page for updates! 

Family Promise of Waukesha County and The Wisconsin Balance of State CoC are piloting a shelter diversion program with the intended outcome of working towards an end to family homelessness. 

The purpose of the grant is to develop a program that will:


  • Work toward zero unsheltered families within Waukesha County

  • Reduce the number of families needing shelter

  • Reduce the length of time from point of entry to exiting to permanent housing.

What is Shelter Diversion? 

Diversion is helping families at the  door find/maintain other non-shelter accommodations until permanent housing can be secured quickly. 

​It Is about saying “yes” to creative solutions; does not rely on shelter and other traditional service modalities to guide the work.

The program doesn't divert a family from homelessness, as the family is already experiencing it, most often doubled-up in the home of family or friends.  It does divert a family from shelter to try to avoid that trauma and yet another move/relocation. 


Who does the program serve?

This program solely serves families with minor children who have already lost their previous housing but have not yet entered shelter. 

How will we identify families with a need?

We need everyone to learn about this program. An essential component will be connecting with all those who could potentially encounter families experiencing homelessness. To be successful we need to develop a program that has buy-in and participation from all elements of our community.

What kind of long term impact will this have on the community?

  • An end to unsheltered family homelessness

  • Decrease the use of currently overburdened shelter services

  • Community bridges among organizations

  • More families are in secure housing

  • Create a replicable tool

How can I get involved?

In order for this to be a successful program we need community buy-in. We would love to connect with you if

  • you are an agency who has resources for families experiencing homelessness 

  • you are an organization who interact with families experiencing homelessness and need services

  • you are a volunteer who would like to become involved


Contact for more information! 

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