Their future begins at home.

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Your gift today offers families facing homelessness the promise of home. 

Helping families avoid the chaos of homelessness or stabilizing a family while experiencing homelessness through shelter, changes the trajectory of a child’s future. Securing the future of children and families begins by making sure they have a home.


Your contribution will be used to support our shelter and prevention programs, day center and case management.  All ingredients to securing the future of families and children who are housing insecure.


The best thing for each and every family is to prevent homelessness. Homelessness is a disruptive force. Children who experience homelessness are more likely to drop out of school, be exposed to violence, suffer from depression and anxiety. Everyone pays the cost of family homelessness. 


If a family approaches us who is already experiencing homelessness, our task is to use their shelter experience as an opportunity to stabilize, regroup and lay a foundation for a new start. It is our goal to make sure that any family experiencing homelessness will do so one time, and for a short time. 


Over the next few weeks we will share stories of those who have been in the shelter program, received homelessness prevention assistance or volunteer for Family Promise. We hope you will listen to their stories and consider making a generous gift to secure the future of families and children through the gift of a home.

View their stories below. New stories will be added each week throughout the holiday season.

Watch the video to hear about Patti's story. Or click on. the photos to learn about Karita and Sasha.

Family Stories
Family Stories

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