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Updated: Oct 20, 2023

No one who comes to Family Promise of Waukesha County has an easy time. Imagine losing everything. Challenges that happen to all of us have dire consequences for those with limited resources. We watch family after family get pushed down due to crisis after crisis. And then because of their inspiring strength and resilience get back up again.

The road to housing and out of poverty is difficult. This is why we celebrate when families find housing. Congratulations to Shateria for signing a lease this week! We are grateful to Shateria for her willingness to share her story by answering the following questions.

How challenging was it to find housing?

It was so hard! For a while, I didn’t think that I was going to find anything in Waukesha County. The rent prices were high, I didn’t have “enough” credit, or the landlords didn’t want to accept rental assistance. I honestly thought I would have to live in my car with my two small kids. I must have heard “NO” 20 times before I finally found someone to say “YES.”

What does having an apartment mean for your family?

Having an apartment means that we are no longer homeless! We finally have a place to call our own! I can have peace knowing that my kids and I will be safe and secure. We can build a life that is filled with opportunities, things don’t look dark anymore. Having our own apartment also means that we are free from the trauma that brought us here in the first place.

What progress have you made since coming to Family Promise?

I have changed a lot of things about me, and my life, since I came to Family Promise. I have been able to find better paying employment, allowing my kids and I to be able to live in a safer community. I also became the first in my family to obtain my driver’s license and car insurance! That was one of my biggest and proudest accomplishments! I have also learned a lot about myself. The staff at Family Promise helped me to realize that I DO have the ability to change my circumstances, and I am capable of supporting myself and my kids.

How has Family Promise supported you?

Family Promise has been teaching me how to survive on my own, in a smart and practical way. I have learned about budgeting, how to be a good tenant, and how to manage a “crisis” with the resources available to me. Family Promise has also shown me that the people that care the most about your well-being are not always related to you. With the help of my case manager and the rest of the staff, I have been able to house my kids in a warm, clean environment with lots of kindness. We have been receiving support from all of the volunteers, also. They have treated us like family, my kids have gotten to interact with people that we would have never had the chance to meet before. Finally, my case manager has been a mentor and guide for me. She showed me that I can do the hard things and come out on the other side victorious.

We are proud of Shateria and all the families who are working to find housing. Thank you for sharing, Shateria.

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