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Meet Stephanie!

Stephanie answered some of our questions about her volunteer commitment at Family Promise of Waukesha County.

Why did you get involved with Family Promise of Waukesha County?

  • I have been volunteering for Family Promise for about 4 years. The past two years I have been on the Board of Trustees. I was looking for an organization in which my son and I could serve together. I am glad Family Promise allows families to serve together.

Why is serving low income families and families experiencing homelessness important?

  • I have always liked helping people. Families that don’t have their basic needs filled is heartbreaking. I have been through hard times myself. People need people.

What are the challenges facing the families we serve?

  • There are lots of barriers to homeless families. Changing behaviors and being consistent is extremely difficult.

In what ways do you volunteer for Family Promise? What is most rewarding?

  • I serve on the Board of Directors and help serve families at the congregations. They are both very different. I feel they are both rewarding. I love meeting and helping families directly and indirectly on the board.

Why should others consider getting involved- especially on the board level?

  • To know you are helping someone is a beautiful thing. The decisions made by the board are focused on how to better help others.

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