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Our annual golf outing was a great success! This is an important event for Family Promise of Waukesha County because it is a significant fund raiser and it gives us an opportunity to advocate for families who are experiencing homelessness. See all the photos from the day in our photo album.

There are lots and lots of people to thank. We appreciate all of our supporters:

Outing Chair:

Patti Ewald is simply amazing! She is organized, dedicated, creative, focused and persistent. She is so good at this and so committed to Family Promise. Much thanks!

Planning Committee:

Claire Bessette, John Boray, Marcia Burke, Patti Ewald, Patrice Hofbauer, Lisa LaBorde, Maria Mundt, Jeff Thiel, Drew Rhodes, Jamie Zussman.


Deep appreciation for all of our sponsors! Please make sure you utilize their services and let them know that you appreciate their support of Family Promise of Waukesha County!

112 golfers!

Thank you to all 112 golfers who participated in the outing. You made it an all around fun event. Congratulations to the event winners: Mike Bursinger, Kirk Hegna, Scott Powell and Rick Carlson.


Skitch and Dorothy Bennett, Marcia Burke, Deb Bursinger, Kaylee Chojnacki, Stephanie Davis, Nick DeLaPaz, Patti Ewald, Kelly Hawkins, Nick Hermanson, Patrice Hofbauer, Lesley Kountz, Lisa LaBorde, Mattie Martinez,Cindy Meckl, Michelle Miller, Maria Mundt, Andrew Nettesheim, Maribeth Nettesheim, Suzanne O’Connell, Denise O’Halloran, Jamie Zussman, Kaitlin Wagner, Sam Will.


Dan Herda, who spent the entire day taking photos! Dan went above and beyond. Check out his webpage or use this link to see all the photos Dan took.


The financial support of Green Bay Packaging- Baird Division is incredibly generous. They also created the signs and displays used to to provide information about the needs of families experiencing homelessness. Our theme was a "Bed To Sleep In." Participating in the outing meant that you were making sure that families were not sleeping in a car, a tent or doubled up on a couch. To illustrate the challenges of homelessness Green Bay Packaging made a car, a tent and a couch. Each display had a message. Special thank you to Timm Rutkowski and Mike Bagatta for setting up these displays and to Mike and his team for designing them!

Golf Pro

Connor Thiel was our golf pro who would provide golfers a great drive on hole 16. Thanks for spending the day with us Connor!

Program Co-host and auctioneer

Rebecca Seymour, whose energy during the program directly resulted in awesome bids.


Sean O’Connell, associate Pastor of Hope Lake Country

Live Auction Donors

Family Promise of Waukesha County Board of Trustees, Tofte’s Table, Jean and John Boray, and Hunzinger Construction

Silent Auction Items, Baskets and Raffle Prizes

Jane Braam, John and Jean Boray, Deb Bursinger, Dan and Patti Ewald, Family Promise of Waukesha County, Generac, Denise O’Halloran, Dan Herda, Cathy Hernandez, Mike and Patrice Hofbauer, Lesley Kountz, Lisa LaBorde, Jill Lesch, Maria Mundt, Drew Rhodes, Courtney Rutkowski, Jeff Thiel, MayHouse Collection, Cindy Meckl, Joe and Mary Miller, Janis Parker, Coleen Valley, and TJ Watt.


Carrie McGowan and Kim Peters Burg spoke about their lives and shared their story of how Family Promise assisted them. Their honesty, courage and resilience are inspiring.


Ben Tajnai has an inspiring and emotionally moving voice. His rendition of the National Anthem and Bring Him Home moved many to tears.


Luke Edgewood and his musical group set the perfect tone for between golf and dinner. Excellent musicians.

The Oconomowoc Golf Club

Chuck, the golf pro and his entire staff do a great job hosting us and accommodating our special requests! This includes the grounds crew, carts crew, chef, kitchen staff, wait staff and bartenders. They are amazing to work with.


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