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Updated: Feb 23

Questions we have been hearing about the EOS since it closed 

Since the closing of the Winter Emergency Overflow Shelter was announced, we have heard some questions about this development. We hope this Q+ A will help provide some clarity regarding the program.

  1. What is the Emergency Overflow Shelter?  The Winter Emergency Overflow Shelter is a service provided by the Housing Action Coalition of Waukesha County (HAC). It serves men, women and families who are experiencing homelessness from November to the end of March. It is to be utilized only when current shelters are at capacity. Each year they contract with an agency to manage the program. In past years they worked with Community Advocates in Milwaukee. This year they signed a contract with Family Promise of Waukesha County and Hebron Housing Services to manage the shelter.  

  2. How is EOS different from the Community Shelter that was piloted in summer? The Community Shelter was a program of Family Promise of Waukesha County. We leased the winter overflow shelter facility from HAC. It was Family Promise funding that paid for the Community Shelter. EOS is a program of the Housing Action Coalition for which we were hired to manage. We were reimbursed for our expenses at EOS. 

  3. Why was the EOS shelter closed? EOS was closed because the Housing Action Coalition did not have the funds to continue to support the program.

  4. Was Family Promise of Waukesha County involved in this decision? No. We were notified by email that it would close on March 1.

  5. Why did it close so abruptly? When we were instructed that the shelter would close our focus turned to making sure the current guests would find housing. By February 16 we were able to place all the clients in alternative shelter.

  6. Is Family Promise of Waukesha County having funding issues? No. This decision is not reflective of our financial status. Of course, the depth and breadth of our services will always be dependent upon our financial resources so we welcome your financial support!

  7. Besides clients, who else was impacted by the shelter closing? Unfortunately we had to end our relationship with seven staff members who were supporting shelter operations. This has also put a pause on the volunteer work of our partner organizations. We have a deep appreciation for all those who supported the winter emergency overflow shelter.

  8. What is next for Family Promise of Waukesha County? We have made a decision not to provide the Community Shelter again this summer. We are turning our attention to expanding the Apartment Shelter Program to increase our capacity to provide shelter.  Financially the Community Shelter (static shelter) is not financially viable for the long-term. In addition the apartment shelter program removes the stigma of homelessness and affirms the human dignity of each person. We will provide more information soon.

  9. What partner opportunities will be available moving forward?

Our plan is to develop opportunities for partners to serve families in the Apartment Shelter Program. Our goal is to be able to provide more information in late March. 

To learn more about the direction of Family Promise of Waukesha County, join us for the Family Promise Forum on March 6 at either 12PM or 6PM.

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