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The Family Promise Five is a weekly update that focuses on the FIVE topics, issues, events, volunteer opportunities or needs of Family Promise Waukesha County. This communication will update, inform and advocate for families who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Here is the Family Promise Five for March 15, 2024.

Our mission is to help low-income families and families experiencing homelessness achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.


The Family Promise Five for March 15 are:



We asked our social workers -- Courtney, Kelly and Shayla -- what is the best part of being a social worker at Family Promise of Waukesha County? Here is what Kelly said:

“The most rewarding aspect of social work is knowing that my work has a positive impact on people’s lives. Living in a world full of social injustices can feel hopeless; knowing that my time and hard work combats some of these issues gives me a sense of peace.” 

- Kelly Hawkins 

We are thankful for the commitment of our Family Advocates.




Should municipalities limit the number of multi-family residences in their community?



Zajanelle closed on her house 


Congratulations to Zajanelle for closing on her home last week Friday. This was a long wait and a lot of hard work. It is impressive that during the time Z stayed with us she was working full-time, being a full-time mom, started back to school, was participating in homeowner and financial literacy seminars, and performing sweat equity hours. It is quite an undertaking and achievement for Z.

We also owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha County and their staff for working with Z on the finances and the expertise to build the home. There were countless numbers of volunteers from Habitat for Humanity and Family Promise of Waukesha County who helped work on her house. All generous supporters who provide a gift to Family Promise also helped to make this a possibility. It is your generosity that allowed us to support her for 15 months. 

Read more in this Waukesha Freeman article.

Our staff is also amazing and we are grateful for their support of Z. A special mention goes to Courtney Rutkowski who worked with Z through this process. Z has told the story how she never believed this would be possible and was hesitant to apply. It was Courtney’s encouragement and optimism that convinced her to believe in herself. 

Our hearts are filled with joy and gratitude!



FP is expanding our Apartment Shelter Program 


Family Promise of Waukesha County is in the process of expanding our Apartment Shelter Program. After conversations with the Oconomowoc Area School District and recognizing the number of families experiencing housing insecurity, we made a decision to expand the Apartment Shelter Program. We will begin by piloting one apartment in the Oconomowoc area. With the assistance from a generous donor we have a significant portion of the cost covered. What we need now is an apartment. The unit we are looking for could be: 

  • an apartment, duplex or single family home, 

  • 2 or 3 bedroom unit

  • in driving distance of schools in Oconomowoc

  • near many options for employment

  • have a landlord willing to work with Family Promise as the master lessee

The apartment shelter program has been effective because it fosters independence, responsibility and self-sufficiency while alleviating the trauma and stigma associated with homelessness.

Please contact Joe Nettesheim with any questions or possible shelter options.



Should municipalities limit the number of multi-family residences in their community?

  • 0%Yes, it is important to control growth.

  • 0%Yes, it is important to manage who lives in our neighborhood

  • 0%No, we need people of all economic levels in our community.

  • 0%No, because we need workers for many types of jobs.

You can vote for more than one answer.



Green Bay Packaging serving as lead sponsor 

Community . Gratitude . Action

We are pleased to announce that Green Bay Packaging-Baird Division, Waukesha will serve as the Masters Level sponsor of the Family Promise of Waukesha County golf outing in 2024. This is the third consecutive year that Green Bay Packaging will be the presenting sponsor. In addition to generously supporting Family Promise of Waukesha County financially, Green Bay Packaging has been a partner in our shelter program. Once a month they provide and serve meals while socializing with the families.  They have also been regular participants in our holiday gift drive. Their entire organization has made a commitment to supporting families experiencing homelessness.

Maria accepts the Master Level gift from Timm Rutkowski from Green Bay Packaging

The 2024 Family Promise of Waukesha Golf Outing will be held on July 22, 2024 at the Oconomowoc Golf Club. 

Sponsors can be businesses, civic groups, congregations, card clubs, or even individuals. Individual registration will open April 5, 2024.



Recent grants and donations demonstrate the kindness of our community 


We are extremely grateful for generous gifts from these friends of Family Promise: 

Thank you to Bank Five Nine for a gift in support of Family Promise of Waukesha County.

Thank you to the Community Outreach Steering Committee (COSC) of Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital for a grant to be used for the Family Homelessness Prevention Program.  Funds from this grant will focus on families residing in the Northeast part of Waukesha County.

Thank you to an anonymous donor for a significant gift to support all Family Promise programs. 

Thank you to an anonymous donor for supporting the pilot of the Oconomowoc Apartment Shelter. 

More about these last two gifts on Giving Day, April 11! 



Editorial advocates for affordable housing in Oconomowoc



A recent editorial in the Oconomowoc Enterprise by Dave Tomsyck advocates for affordable housing. This editorial came on the heels of the Oconomowoc Common Council in Oconomowoc voting to limit the percentage of multi-family housing units in the city.

While we do not advocate for everything in this opinion piece, we do believe that providing affordable housing is necessary for every community to thrive. 

Dave Tomsyck Mar 7 editorial low income
Download PDF • 909KB



March 18 Board of Trustees Meeting

March 19  Volunteer Coordinator Meeting

March 20 Green Bay Packer Foundation Luncheon

March 21  Joe Out of Office

March 21  HOME Consortium Board Meeting

March 22  Joe Out of Office 

March 27 Fund Development Committee

April 11  Family Promise Giving Day



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