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Meet Our Program Manager, Maria

Maria Mundt joined Family Promise of Waukesha County as the Program Coordinator in May 2022 after completing her degree in Public Health from Carroll University. As the Program Coordinator her role is to keep the programs running smoothly and work with volunteers.

Maria was interested in working for Family Promise because she has a passion for non-profits and is grateful to make a difference. She likes that through her role she is able to address the stigma surrounding homelessness. Maria says, “The work we do is a step toward alleviating those stigma and biases. I will be the first to admit I was confused as to how an individual could make a choice that would result in them losing their home, but that’s just it, they often don’t make that choice.”

Working at Family Promise has taught her that the families served are no different than any of us. “The families who come through our door are human, they have a family, they have feelings. It is not our job to judge but to uplift and provide a supportive community and resources!” Maria has a passion for the work she does. In her free time she also enjoys doing puzzles, traveling and making memories with her family!

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