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Progress During a Pandemic: A Mid-Year Progress Report!

When 2020 came to an end, we were proud of the ways we adapted our response to the needs of families. We also knew that with so much in limbo, we needed a roadmap to move forward in 2021. Therefore, we set some goals to guide us. Six-months through 2021 , we are hopeful for the future especially as the number of Covid-19 cases decrease. We are also hopeful because of the progress we have made so far and for what is to come for the remainder of 2021. Here is our progress report on our goals at the halfway point of 2021.

1. Renovate Day Center

This project has been start and stop. In December we decided to return to the Waukesha Planning

Commission to request a change in occupancy which would allow us to have a family stay overnight. This was important since the rotational model of shelter was suspended. Although we were granted the new occupancy permit the necessary changes needed proved too costly. Work on the remodel of the second floor into a Day Center began this week and we expect it to last 6-8 weeks.

2. Hire an additional Case Manager and Administrative Assistant

In February Kathleen Collins joined our staff as a second case manager. Her role has been primarily focused on processing requests for rent and utility assistance and then providing case management for those families. In March Lisa LaBorde joined our staff as an Administrative Assistant. Her role includes bookkeeping, communication and basic administrative functions. Unfortunately we now find ourselves seeking another new Case Manager to replace Christina Perkins.

3. Provide shelter to 20 families.

The Apartment Shelter Program has been a learning experience. We have been intentional and strategic about when to add an apartment. At the moment we currently lease three apartments. Two are for families and one is sheltering single women. Overall we have provided shelter to eight households. This has included five families and three single women. Our total number is 8 adults and nine children. It is not clear if we will meet the goal of 20 families.

4. Provide Prevention Assistance to 75 families.

We have provided 46 instances of rent and utility assistance to 29 unique families. This means that some families received both rent and utility assistance. If our goal is to serve 75 unique households we are behind that pace. On the other hand the 46 instances of service represent families who have multiple needs. With that measurement we are on pace to surpass the goal of 75 families.

5. Adapt Homelessness Prevention and Apartment Shelter Programs as needed.

This goal is difficult to quantify however one example of a willingness to adapt is the addition of an apartment for single women to the Apartment Shelter Program. We continually review our criteria for offering prevention assistance.

6. Plan a return to rotational model of shelter

This process is happening right now. We have a two pronged approach. The first is to meet with each congregation that is currently partnering with Family Promise of Waukesha County about their interest and availability in returning. These meetings are ongoing but what we have learned is that many are still sorting out their return to ministry. It has been made very clear that before we start again a “reboot” will need to occur and will involve a concerted effort of volunteer recruitment and training. This means that it is most likely that we will return to the rotational model in early 2022.

Our second path is to invite new faith communities into partnership with Family Promise of Waukesha County. A committee of eight people are reaching out to approximately 50 faith communities. Even before Covid-19 it was evident that expanding our pool of host and support communities was needed. When we return we hope to have 17 host communities and an additional 15-20 support communities.

We are grateful to the following committee members:

  • Jean Boray

  • John Boray

  • Joe DeKlotz

  • Sarah Erickson-Bhatt

  • Mike Jaehn

  • Janis Parker

  • Jenna Spangler

  • Jeff Thiel

Interested in learning more about partnering with Family Promise of Waukesha County?

Partner with FP Waukesha (1)
Download PDF • 2.46MB

7. Implement 3 “formation/workshops sessions” for client families

Our first two sessions were on How to Write a Resume and Preparing for an Interview. We partnered with an business called QPS Employment who did an amazing job in facilitating the session. Both sessions were well received and we plan to add additional sessions in fall.

8. Produce a promotional video about Family Promise of Waukesha County

Thank you to 3Barn the video is done! You can watch it now!

9. Update website

Well you are reading this so you are experiencing our new website!! Check it out and give us your feedback:

10. Develop a finance committee

We have a great group of people who signed on to review our financials, financial policy and procedures and plan our budget. Thank you to:

  • Ron Abele

  • Tim Culhane

  • Glenn Davis

  • Dan Ewald

  • Mike Hofbauer

  • Tom Huppertz

  • Lynn Marsh

  • Sandra McKlain

  • Jamie Zussman

Thank you for your involvement and support of Family Promise of Waukesha County. Community Involvement is an important part of who we are. We feel a responsibility to keep all stakeholders informed.

If you have any questions or input please reach out to:

Joe Nettesheim


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