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The Friday Five is a weekly update that focuses on the FIVE topics, issues, events, volunteer opportunities or needs of Family Promise Waukesha County. This communication will update, inform and advocate for families who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Here is the Friday Five for Friday, January 26, 2024.

Our mission is to help low-income families and families experiencing homelessness achieve sustainable independence

through a community-based response.


The Friday Five for January 26 are:



“They did an amazing job, all of them! They care. They're patient, nice, understanding and non-judgmental. They make an already stressed moment a bit easier to handle.”

--Prevention Client



On Martin Luther King Day, Joe Nettesheim was part of a panel discussion: Housing for All: A Community Conversation. It was a wonderful discussion with a number of panelists who are striving to provide housing solutions. Thank you to the Waukesha Public Library for including Family Promise.


When it comes to advocating for policies with our government leaders that would positively impact families experiencing homelessness, I generally feel....


1. 2023 IN REVIEW

Accomplishments and challenges of 2023

2023 was an eventful year for Family Promise of Waukesha County, Inc.  We:

  • Piloted a new Community Shelter, which engaged partner groups again

  • Contracted with the Housing Action Coalition to manage the Emergency Overflow shelter in partnership with Hebron Housing Services, Inc.

  • Had a family accepted for a Habitat for Humanity house.

  • Set records for number of families served.

  • Had up to 18 team members working with us.

  • Raised more funds than ever.

Learn all about 2023 as Joe Nettesheim narrates a presentation about the successes and challenges of 2023 and how it will impact 2024.




When it comes to advocating for policies with our government leaders that would positively impact families experiencing homelessness, I generally feel....

  • I am not a political person

  • Obligated to help

  • That I do not know enough about the issues

  • It is not the place of Family Promise to be political



Recently the Family Promise Board of Trustees set goals for 2024. It is important to us for you to know the focus and purpose we have set for this year. Here is the list and a brief summary of each:

1. Increase funding by $150,000 

Since the pandemic, requests for service have increased. In prevention we were only able to serve about 31% of those who applied. We also made over 500 referrals for shelter. All that prevents us from serving more families is having the resources to do so.

2. Develop non-congregate shelter

We are exploring opportunities to grow our Apartment Shelter Program by purchasing a multi-family unit. We are awaiting the result of a few grant requests, which will determine how we proceed. Owning a multi-family unit outright would accomplish two objectives. First it would reduce expenses, and second it would increase our capacity.

3. Improve Data Collection 

What is the long- term success of our programming? We have some indication it is good, but we need better data to understand the change that occurs in the life of a family who participates in one of our programs.  

4. Celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary

Family Promise of Waukesha County opened our doors in November 2014. Can you believe it is almost ten years? See the next item for ways you can get involved!



First families were served in November 2014

Family Promise of Waukesha County, Inc. is celebrating 10 years of service to families experiencing homelessness. Incorporated in 2012, those who founded and created this affiliate spent two years planning before providing shelter to two families in November of 2014. Ten years and 376 households later, it is time to celebrate the commitment of all those who have made Family Promise of Waukesha County an effective community response to family homelessness. 

To recognize the accomplishments that have been made through Family Promise of Waukesha County, we would like to hear the stories about your involvement with Family Promise. You can share your stories with us.



Grateful for generous support


Our end of the year campaign raised $180,000 from Giving Tuesday to the end of the year. While we fell just short of our $200,000 goal this is a tremendous success. It is inspiring and affirming to receive gifts from so many amazing and committed individuals. Thank you!


We are grateful to the Catholic Community Foundation for selecting Family Promise of Waukesha County for a grant of $10,000! These funds will be used to support our shelter programs.


Our affiliate has been selected by Family Promise national for a $15,000 grant to prevent family homelessness. The source of these funds are Gerstner Philanthropies. This grant also requires that we receive $5,000 from local donors so that the total available funds are $20,000.

Thank you to all who support Family Promise of Waukesha County!



Mike Hallquist joined the board of trustees in January 

Family Promise of Waukesha County is pleased to announce the addition of Mike Hallquist to the Board of Trustees. Mike stated that he is interested in being a member of the board of trustees because, “It is an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to an organization whose mission is achievable and critical to the livelihood of the less fortunate in Waukesha County.”  Mike is a Senior Data Architect at GE Healthcare. He is also an alderman for the city of Brookfield. His experience in developing policy around housing issues is a unique addition to the Family Promise board. 

A passion for helping the less fortunate is what motivates his involvement in Family Promise of Waukesha County, “What compels me is simple. It’s an unending desire to leverage my time, talent, and treasure towards a cause that is worthy, just, and pragmatic in my community. Secure housing can be the difference between a family having an opportunity to thrive, or be crushed by circumstance, bad luck, or a simple mistake.”   

Executive Director Joe Nettesheim stated that after meeting Mike at a conference on housing, he was impressed. “Mike’s dedication and commitment to those in need of affordable housing is impressive. Adding an individual who understands policy, at a time when our approach to homelessness demands a comprehensive solution including citizens, businesses, nonprofits and government is crucial to bring about change for families in need of housing.” It is helpful that Mike comes from an area in Waukesha County that had not been represented on the board. “My desire as a board member would be to increase Family Promise’s growth, visibility, and fundraising in additional Waukesha County communities like Brookfield.” 

Thank you, Mike, for joining the Family Promise of Waukesha County Board of Trustees! 

Read more about Mike and our entire Board of Trustees.



Jan 29  Volunteer Coordinator  (First Congregational UCC, Oconomowoc)

Jan 30 Program Committee Meeting

Feb 6 Executive Committee Meeting

Feb 12 FP Team Meeting

Feb 19 Board of Trustees Meeting

April 11 Family Promise Giving Day

July 22  Golf Outing



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