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Welcome to the Board of Trustees Mike Hallquist!

Family Promise of Waukesha County is pleased to announce the addition of Mike Hallquist to the Board of Trustees. Mike stated that he is interested in being a member of the board of trustees because, “It is an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to an organization whose mission is achievable and critical to the livelihood of the less fortunate in Waukesha County.”  Mike is a Senior Data Architect at GE Healthcare. He is also an alderman for the city of Brookfield. His experience in developing policy around housing issues is a unique addition to the Family Promise board. 

A passion for helping the less fortunate is what motivates his involvement in Family Promise of Waukesha County, “What compels me is simple, it’s an unending desire to leverage my time, talent, and treasure towards a cause that is worthy, just, and pragmatic in my community. Secure housing can be the difference between a family having an opportunity to thrive, or be crushed by circumstance, bad luck, or a simple mistake.”   

Executive Director Joe Nettesheim stated that after meeting Mike at a conference on housing he was impressed by, “Mike’s dedication and commitment to those in need of affordable housing is impressive. Adding an individual who understands policy, at a time when our approach to homelessness demands a comprehensive solution including citizens, businesses, nonprofits and government is crucial to bring about change for families in need of housing.” It is helpful that Mike comes from an area in Waukesha County that had not been represented on the board. “My desire as a board member would be to increase Family Promise’s growth, visibility, and fundraising in additional Waukesha County communities like Brookfield.” 

Thank you Mike for joining the Family Promise of Waukesha County Board of Trustees! 

Read more about Mike and our entire board of trustees on our staff pag

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