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Carrie's Story

This last year has admittedly been a rough one for Carrie. After leaving an unhealthy relationship with her children’s father, Carrie moved from Milwaukee to Waukesha to stay with her cousin.

“I was in a real low place and my life was in a shambles. COVID really affected me and I lost my job. I didn’t want to be a burden to my cousin, so I called Family Promise last November. They were so kind and friendly and moved me into an apartment with other women being helped by Family Promise,” she explained.

After meeting with Family Promise Lead Case Manager, Courtney Rutkowski, a couple of times, Carrie said she started to feel better about where her life was heading.

“I got a job right away as a utility operator at Gund in Waukesha, and I actually just got a promotion. I moved into an efficiency apartment and now I’m looking for a bigger place so that my kids can spend weekends with me. Courtney is amazing – I love her,” said Carrie with emotion.

The single mom of three teens met with Courtney every week, took money management and first-time home buyer classes, and took the time needed to focus on getting back on track.

“It took some time, but I was motivated to get back on my feet. Family Promise offered some stability and was there for me step by step. I wouldn’t have gotten this far if it weren’t for Family Promise,” she added.

Carrie is planning to take CNC technician and machine set up training classes this fall at Waukesha County Technical School to add to her skill set for her career at Gund.

“I’m very proud of how hard I’ve worked and how far I’ve come in a year. My credit score is awesome and I was able to get a car. I know that I can call Courtney and she will help me out. She keeps me focused,” said Carrie. “But I am determined and I won’t give up. I will not fall to the ground. Sometimes life gets hard and Family Promise was there for me.”

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