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This blog provides the top 5 highlights or updates about Family Promise of Waukesha County for Friday, November 3, 2023.

The Friday Five is a weekly update that focuses on the 5 main things happening at Family Promise Waukesha County. This communication should update, inform and advocate for families who are financially vulnerable.

Our mission is to help low-income families and families experiencing homelessness achieve sustainable independence

through a community-based response.


The stories you can read this week are:



"Your bread belongs to the hungry. Your cloak belongs to the naked. Your money in savings belong to the destitute. You do injustice to everyone you could help, but do not."

-Paraphrase of a quote from Basil the Great



These photos include Halloween fun; a generous donation of supplies from St. Theresa, Eagle; our display table at the Oconomowoc Area Foundation; and a special "Get to Know Family Promise event."

Family Promise of Waukesha County will celebrate its 10 year anniversary in 2024. How should we celebrate this anniversary?



Gift cards are an important tool to assist families

We are out of gas gift cards and are running very low on grocery gift cards. Gift cards are extremely valuable for clients. Gas gift cards are helpful for clients who are getting started in a new job and have to drive to work before getting a first paycheck or clients who are trying to save for first months rent and a security deposit.

Gift cards in denominations of $10 and $25 from KwikTrip, BP and Mobil are most helpful. Please drop off the gift cards at the Family Promise Day Center 139 E North Street or mail in a padded envelope to Family Promise PO Box 66 Waukesha WI 53187.

This really is an important tool in helping families secure financial stability.



Seeking groups to provide Christmas gifts to families

It is officially November and the Holiday Season is quickly approaching! Last year we provided gifts to 27 families! This year for our gift drive is going to look a little different but we hope to make the same impact! See below for a step by step of how it will work!

This is a perfect opportunity for a business, church group, book club to work together. Families will provide the gender, age and description of the child with a list of hobbies they like. You will pick the gifts for them. Start making plans to sponsor a family for the holiday season. Next week you will be able to sign up to sponsor a family requesting Christmas support. Those who agree to help are asked to provide 3-4 gifts per child not to exceed a total of $100 per person. We also include the parents.

Questions? Contact Maria:



You are invited to an Open House on Thursday, November 9

The Emergency Overflow will open soon. Here are ways you can help with this effort to shelter families and individuals during the coldest months of the year:

  • Sign your group up to provide a meal.

We have a few dates open. Your group could select one day a month and provide a meal five times during the winter or select one time. Contact Maria to get your group involved. All volunteers will need to go through a training process.

Upcoming training days are November 9 and November 30.

  • Apply to become a Shelter Advocate

It is essential that we have enough staff in order to open the shelter. If it is not the right fit for you, spread the word to those who might be interested.

  • Donate Supplies and Food Items

We are thankful that 24 partner groups have committed to help with dinners each month. We also need some help with dried good food items and give and go breakfast items. A complete list is coming soon.



Help Z with her sweat equity hours on November 15.

Progress on Z’s house is moving along. The goal is for the house to be complete and ready for her to move in early 2024. To help make her home a reality we are putting together another Habitat for Humanity work day. Join us on November 15 from 8:30am-3:30pm.

The group will be asked to hang doors and paint.

Your time will not only help complete her house, it will also help her with her sweat equity hours. Z has to complete 200 hours which is a challenge with a toddler.

If you would like to volunteer please contact Maria:



Children under five make up 12% of those effected by evictions

Children who experience homelessness are particularly vulnerable and feel the consequences of an eviction for the long-term. In the community shelter over half of the children are under age five. A recent study reported on by the New York Times has revealed that the age group that has the highest number of evictions filed against them are children under age five. 12% of those evicted is made up by children under five. One of the most vulnerable age groups are the ones bearing the brunt of evictions. This study was completed by a group of researchers at Princeton, Rutgers and the census bureau. The researchers, tenants and lawyers involved in this project report that, "because renters with children face added financial burdens, limited housing options, and often discrimination from landlords."

The impact of homelessness on children lasts a lifetime. This study underscores the importance of preventing family homelessness and for those who experience homelessness ensuring that it is for a short time and one time. Use the button to read the full story.



How should we celebrate our 10 year anniversary in 2024?

  • 0%A big party!

  • 0%Video interviews with the founders

  • 0%Recognize all the founding members

  • 0%Visit all the partner congregations

You can vote for more than one answer.



Nov 3 Happy 4 year Anniversary, Joe

Nov 4 Happy Birthday, Joe

Nov 6 Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Nov 8 Volunteer Coordinator Meeting

Nov 13 Tentative Start to Emergency Overflow

Nov 20 Board of Trustees

Nov 23 Thanksgiving

Nov 28 Giving Tuesday- start of Home for Good End of Year Campaign



Access our Threads account through Instagram

You can also join our Facebook volunteer group to learn about volunteer opportunities.


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