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Family Promise Survey Results

Thank you for your participation in the survey from Family Promise national. Here is some data from the survey.

This can be discussed in more detail at the Family Promise Forum on October 25.

This data was used to focus the Board of Directors strategic planning session on Saturday, October 4.

  • We received an overall score of 4.54 out of 5. Good- but room for improvement.

  • 84 participants responded to the survey, which is substantially more than most affiliates receive. Participants could mark more than one.

    • Volunteers (64),

    • Board Members (8),

    • Received Services (7),

    • Staff (3), and

    • Donors (26)

  • 33 said they would support a change in shelter model. 40 said maybe. 10 said no.

  • 33 said they would drive 15+ miles to offer service to families.

  • 30 said they would drive 10+

  • 63 said our focus should be on prevent family homelessness

  • 58 said our focus should be on sheltering families experiencing homelessness.

  • 65 participants said they donate. One person remarked that they have not given because they were not asked!

We also received some positive feedback via testimonials. Here are a few of those.

“I have enjoyed volunteering with Family Promise because you are helping people to grow from homelessness to independence. You are teaching people to fish, not giving a fish.”

"I have been involved with Family Promise since the rotational model was put into place. The initial years were a little rocky; however, now I feel it's sustainable and moving forward.”

“I enjoyed time with families and volunteers. It's a great family! A wonderful way to become a part of your community.”

"Love the mission of empowering folks to rise above poverty."

"It is valuable to families in Waukesha County. It is a worthwhile program to give time and resources too. It is well organized."

"I feel that FP is working hard to meet the needs of the homeless families in our area with innovative ideas and services. "

"The staff here and volunteers I've come in contact with are so genuine and caring. It is a solid organization that has gone through an unbelievable transformation since Covid hit. I'm sure we'll come through strong and will continue to build up our community."

"They were genuinely kind & helpful with my situation. Very caring individuals!"

Thank you to all who participated in the survey!

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