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The Friday Five is a weekly update that focuses on the FIVE topics, issues, events, volunteer opportunities or needs of Family Promise Waukesha County. This communication will update, inform and advocate for families who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Here is the Friday Five for Friday, December 8, 2023.

Our mission is to help low-income families and families experiencing homelessness achieve sustainable independence

through a community-based response.


The Family Promise Five for December 8 are:






The Friday Five is ...



Z is moving from homelessness to homeownership

We are 49% toward our end of year goal of $200,000.

Your gift will help families like Z, who need a second chance for housing.

Zajanelle entered the Apartment Shelter in December 2022. One year later she is weeks away from becoming a homeowner! Being accepted for a Habitat for Humanity house has presented Z an opportunity that will change her life. She is showing an eagerness to learn as well as grit and determination to make a better life for herself and her daughter. As part of her preparation for her new home she will work 200 hours of sweat equity, participate in home ownership classes through La Casa de Esperanza and meet with her Family Advocate with Family Promise. This is in addition to working full time and being a single mom to a two year old daughter. One of the strengths of our organization is that we surround families with supportive resources which provides them a safety net of care.

Indeed it does take a village!

In our third video about Z’s story, she talks about the impact of becoming a homeowner.

Housing is everything. It is in our homes that memories are made, bedtime stories are read, board games are played and birthdays are celebrated! Where would our lives be without the stability of home?

Can you help us reach our goal of $200,000 by providing a gift today?

Family Promise of Waukesha County is trying out Venmo. If you have a Venmo account, you can use the QR code to donate or visit @family-promise-waukesha to contribute via Venmo.



Drop off your gifts by Wednesday, December 13

Thank you to all who signed up to help families with gifts this holiday season. We are supporting 24 families and 79 total individuals.

If you signed up to provide holiday gifts, they are to be dropped off unwrapped and labeled with family number, gender and age of the recipient before December 13. Please bring them to our office located at 139 E North Street Waukesha WI 53188. Office hours are 8:30am- 4:30pm Monday through Friday. It is always a good idea to call before coming to the office (262-968-2321).



Volunteers needed to assist with our holiday party on December 16

We are hosting a holiday party for families in the Apartment Shelter Program and Prevention program on Saturday, December 16. It will be hosted at First United Congregational Church Waukesha. Families will pick up their holiday gifts at this gathering. They will also have an opportunity to decorate cookies, make ornaments and visit with Santa Claus.

Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks from 8:30am to 1:00pm.

Family Holiday Party Volunteers

Use the Sign up genius to get involved.

Donate Supplies for the Family Holiday Party

Unable to help with the holiday party the day of the event? You can support the event by providing supplies.



Wisconsin Bill focuses on homelessness

Recently, Assembly Bill 689 came out of committee. This bill contains several proposals, such as:

1) Withholding the totality of grants issued by the state Department of Administration (DOA) to homeless assistance organizations with the purpose of alleviating homelessness until “performance” requirements are met.

Concern: withholding funds from providers for six months, could bankrupt shelters and create a greater backlog of those expereincing homelessness. Penalizing a shelter for the success of a client does not account for the vast array of reasons why an individual secures housing.

2) The creation of “structured camping facilities” (designated areas for the homeless within municipalities)

Concern: creating camps is not a a proven method to resolving homelessness. An investment in supportive services would be more effective.

3) Fining homeless people $500 or incarcerating them up to 30 days

Concern: Homelessness is a public health crisis. It is not a crime. Treating is as such only exacerbates the issue as those with a criminal record find it more difficult to find employment and housing.

None of the three aspects of this bill address the causes of homelessness such as affordable housing, livable wages, mental health, or addiction issues. In fact it is likely to make the situation worse.

We invite you to read the bill .

Should you like to contact your assembly person and investigate the bill or let them know of your concerns you can determine who represents you using this website.



Give your feedback on our weekly newsletter

The Friday Five started in 2020 as a way to communicate with supporters of Family Promise of Waukesha County. It has been a vehicle to share stories about the families we serve, advocates for the needs of those experiencing homelessness, and highlights opportunities to get involved. Our goal is that because of the Friday Five, you will feel more closely connected and involved in the mission of Family Promise of Waukesha County and the families we serve.

The Friday Five will take a break from December 22- January 15. This is a time to assess the relevance and effectiveness of the Friday Five. To do so though, we would like your feedback. Could you take 5 minutes to complete this survey?

As you are responding, please note in 2024 we would like to increase readership of the Friday Five and utilize it to help people become even more passionate about serving families experiencing homelessness. Your feedback can help us achieve those goals.



The Friday Five is: (select all that apply)

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You can vote for more than one answer.


It's the holiday seaason and Hanukkah started Thursday, December 7. Wishing all those who celebate Chag Semeach!

Want to understand Hanukkah better? Here is an article that provides information about the holiday.



Thank you to We Energies Foundation for a gift to support our shelter programs.



Amahl and the Night Visitors was a hit! We are thankful to all those who participated in the performance and supported Family Promise of Waukesha County!

Directed by Taras Nahirniak

Assistant Music Director Roxanne Rollefson

Cast & Crew

Amahl - Avary Ames

Mother - Lori Nahirniak

King Balthazar - Pastor John Berg

King Kaspar - Phil Thomasen

King Melchoir - Richard Rollefson

The Page - Nolan Fuller

Shepherds - Roxanne Rollefson, Ruth Nelson, Marion Sorenson, Robin Pharis, Roger Newton, Cari Matter,

Betty Schwartz, Bob Newhouse, Sue Newhouse, Martha Holton, Perkie Kloida, Al Wilson,

Joe Popelka, Karisa Perik, Molly Neumann, Doug Freeman

Dancers - Sophia Castillo, Paige Faith, Aubrie Froemming

Choreographer - Leah Blair

Set Builders - Roger Newton, Scott Ames, Tom Aiani,

Steven Carmichael, John Hein, Robin Lovely,

Dale Kjensrud, Joe Popelka, Mark Rectenwald

Costumes - Lori Nahirniak

Props - Roxanne Rollefson, Jennifer Ames

Lighting - Leah Blair

Audio - Andy Matter, Jeff Koehn


Piano/Conductor - Taras Nahirniak

Flute - Tatyana Nahirniak

Oboe - Suzanne Geoffrey

Sop. Sax - Jamie Beckman

Clarinet - Andrea Staber

Bassoon - Robb Seftar

Horn in F - Kathy Krubsack

Trumpet in C - John Rose

Percussion - Scott Wenzel

Harp - Bethany Kurshner



Dec 12 Fund Development Committee

Dec 13 Gifts to Family Promise

Dec 14 Juno Jingle Jam for EOS families

Dec 14-16 Joe Out of the Office

Dec 18 Board of Trustees Meeting

Dec 24 Christmas Eve

Dec 25 Offices Closed for Christmas

Jan 1 Offices Closed for New Year's Day



Access our Threads account through Instagram

You can also join our Facebook volunteer group to learn about volunteer opportunities.


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